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Kingston Hospital, Surrey

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Our keyworker accommodation at Kingston  has a new accommodation office onsite but is open by appointment only. If you wish to talk to the manager in person, please contact us on +44(0)2032020335 from Monday to Friday, between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm -or send an email to to book an appointment.


Optivo Keyworkers is specifically designed for persons that are employed by Hospitals and as such nearly all residents will work long and unsociable hours.  It is very important that consideration and understanding is given to your neighbouring residents and awareness of noise levels.  No loud audible sounds (voices, moving furniture, TV, music, etc.) are permitted any time day or night. Depending on the type of accommodation you occupy and in all shared accommodation, over night guests are not permitted.   No resident should ever have worry or concern with what may be deemed as anti-social behaviour and this type of behaviour will not be tolerated.  Tenants are required to provide their own cutlery, crockery and cooking utensils.  It is very important to been in possession of these items as use of other tenants belongings/property is strictly prohibited and can cause tension in a shared household.

When leaving/entering your premises at any time all relevant doors and windows should be shut and where possible locked.  Particular attention should be given in the warmer months when naturally more windows will be opened, particularly at low level.

Please be very careful you do not lose your keys/access cards/fobs and that no link to your property is kept with your keys at any time.  Replacement of these items and associated mechanisms/equipment can be very costly to replace and the tenant will be required to cover these costs.  As with any normal householder you are advised to obtain your own contents insurance for your demised area.

Please ensure that any electrical items you bring on the premises are safe and in sound condition.  Use of electrical extension leads and electrical adaptors is strictly prohibited in any part of the premises.  Tenants will also need to obtain permission from the Property Manager if wishing to place an electrical item anywhere within the Landlord/common area.

If you are in shared accommodation weekly fire alarm test will be carried out.  Please familiarise yourself with the fire emergency procedures.  These are displayed within all properties.
If you suspect anything unsafe or if something is causing you concern please report this immediately to your Housing Office.

Depending on your Scheme you may be able to pay your rent via payroll deduction; this is a great way for ensuring your priority payment obligation is met.  Alternative means of paying rent can also be by standing order or bank transfer.  Emergency payments can be accepted by Debit or Credit card.  We do not take Cash payments, however you can pay Cash into the bank – please ask your housing office for the details on this.

When wishing to leave your property please ensure you provide the required notice as set out in your contract.  On receipt of your Notice you will be advised by your Property Manager on the procedure for leaving keys.

You must ensure that your property is cleaned and all personal belongings and refuse have been removed, failure to do this may result in additional charges being applied to your account.  Equally you must ensure you return all access keys/card/fobs by the date and time given by your Property Manager, again failure to do this may result in additional charges being applied to your account.

All repairs and maintenance requests should be reported as soon as possible, this can be done by email ( or over the phone (0203 202 0335).

Once a report has been received this will be logged and registered, depending on the nature of the report, response times will vary.  However heating and hot water (where there is no hot water anywhere in the premises) will be attended to as priority along with any other issues that may cause damage to property or there is an imminent risk to health and safety.

OPTIVO provides housekeeping services in most shared accommodation in the Landlords common areas.  The housekeeping service will vary from property to property but will consist of sweeping/vacuuming and moping floors, dusting and wiping down all sides, cabinets, furniture, WC’s basins etc.  Tenants must ensure that all Landlord areas are kept clear and free from any un-obstructions.  Washing up must be carried out as soon as you have finished eating, personal belongings should be put away neatly and all refuse should be placed in the correct receptacle and when necessary moved to the external refuse bins.

If you need to report an emergency repair outside of office hours you should phone us on 0330 123 0220 and your call will be redirected to our emergency out of hours service. You should only call this service if your repair/request is an emergency (no hot water anywhere in the premises or there is an imminent risk to health and safety of person or damage to property).   If your repair is not an emergency and can wait until the next working day, please report it in the usual manner. If you smell gas and suspect a gas leak, you should contact the National Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111999.