Who Is A Keyworker?

A keyworker is an individual employed in the public sector in a frontline role delivering a much needed public service to our society where there are severe recruitment and retention difficulties, in areas such as health, education and public safety.


Our eligibility criteria vary across the different schemes. The eligibility at some of our regional schemes is subject to a priority ranking established by the respective NHS Hospital Trust.

NHS Staff Accommodation

Our key worker properties can offer rooms to a wider range of professionals, which includes healthcare professionals and support staff, paramedics and ambulance service workers. When it comes to NHS accommodation, we have some of the most affordable, high quality options in the country.

Key Worker Housing for Teachers

Alongside NHS staff, some of our properties are available to teachers and lecturers based in educational establishments across England. Some of our key worker properties to see which of our key worker housing is available to teachers and various other keyworkers.

Police Accommodation

A number of our properties are also open to police officers, fire brigade officers, social workers and members of the armed forces, among others. Contact us today to find out about other professions that may be eligible to stay at one of our properties, either on a long or short term basis. If you work in an public sector organisation such as the police, short term and keyworker accommodation is easy to find with Optivo.

What is Included in my rent?

Most of our long term rental rates include utilities and council tax. Please refer to the individual scheme for more information.

Our organisation has been working in partnership with the NHS since 2001. The majority of our regional keyworker accommodation in located adjacent to NHS Hospital Trusts, with staff at each Trust taking priority for all accommodation vacancies that may arise. Our accommodation is open to healthcare professionals as well as support staff, who are looking for a place to rent in the local area. Our keyworker schemes are currently located next to Basingstoke HospitalKettering HospitalKingston HospitalLuton and Dunstable Hospital and St Peter’s and Ashford Hospital. Several of our schemes offer short-term accommodation for relatives of patients, subject to availability.

To enquire about availability at any of our keyworker rental properties or for more information, please contact the relevant team directly or send us an email at info@keyworkeraccommodation.org.uk