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A Guide to Becoming a Teacher: 5 Tips to get you through

Whilst the media is presenting the dramatic decline in people becoming teachers or staying in the profession, teaching is still viewed as one of the best possible professions on offer to people looking to make a difference to the lives of our country’s young people. If approached with these tips in mind, it can be […]

The Day in a Life of a Police Officer

Being a police officer is one of the most rewarding jobs. Apart from the good salary, you can rest assured knowing you’re doing good in the world and will have great retirement benefits when your career ends. However, it’s also a very demanding job and one that requires skill, patience, a moral sense of justice […]

How to fight seasonal depression

Winter is coming to the northern hemisphere, bringing with it a complex depressive illness that affects mood, appetite and sleep. So don’t get SAD (seasonal affective disorder) and beat the ‘winter blues’ with the following tips. Did you know that in the UK, about 3% of the population are estimated to suffer from seasonal affective […]

Advice to young doctors

This month, thousands of young professionals are starting life as junior doctors. They all have to face some big challenges, including meeting new people, discovering new places and dealing with huge responsibilities – people’s lives and the future of the NHS have been placed in their hands. This all can be very intimidating and self-doubt […]

Blogs and Twitter: Teachers Edition

Who should I be reading and who to follow as far as social media is concerned? We’ve pulled together a list of the most inspiring, entertaining and informing teacher blogs and the best teacher tweeters for you to follow. Blogs Read the following blogs that will make you laugh, cry and keep you entertained about […]