Health Workers

Are You Classed as a Key Worker?

A key worker is a working professional that provides an essential service to the community, particularly in the public sectors like the police, education or health industry. Key workers are also labelled because of their inability to find accommodation in the places they work, as they are often moved around or study in different places. As […]

What to Expect from Life as a Nurse

Being a nurse is an extremely rewarding job. You are not only helping people, but you are changing lives. However, there are aspects of the career that will affect your everyday life. To be a nurse you have to be patient, caring and understanding. Being a nurse is about being part of your patient’s journey […]

Tips for the night shift

The night shift is the shift that many hospital keyworkers start on in their career. It can be a difficult adjustment to overcome, as your body isn’t naturally used to it. And is not only your body that will be affected, your daily routine and personal life need time to adjust as well. Although it […]

How to fight seasonal depression

Winter is coming to the northern hemisphere, bringing with it a complex depressive illness that affects mood, appetite and sleep. So don’t get SAD (seasonal affective disorder) and beat the ‘winter blues’ with the following tips. Did you know that in the UK, about 3% of the population are estimated to suffer from seasonal affective […]

What to do near Chertsey this Winter

The Lightbox What to expect: if you’re passionate about the arts and history, want activities and fun, then this is the place to be.  The Lightbox has three stunning galleries which host a huge range of exhibitions and is also home to an interactive museum.  With a lovely cafe and gift shop you will discover […]