Career Tips

A Guide to Becoming a Teacher: 5 Tips to get you through

Whilst the media is presenting the dramatic decline in people becoming teachers or staying in the profession, teaching is still viewed as one of the best possible professions on offer to people looking to make a difference to the lives of our country’s young people. If approached with these tips in mind, it can be […]

Is A Nursing Career for Me?

Being a nurse is a life-changing career with many benefits and rewards attached. However, it is also a demanding job, where you’ll face new challenges and overcome different issues every single day. It’s not a job for everyone, but it is an occupation that everyone needs. Do you think you have what it takes to […]

What is Like To Be a Student Versus a Student Nurse…

Being a student and being a student nurse are two very different paths to take and although they have similarities, being a student nurse can be a far more demanding route to go down. A student nurse may have expectations of their time studying alike to a university student’s life, but the two can be […]

What to Expect from Life as a Nurse

Being a nurse is an extremely rewarding job. You are not only helping people, but you are changing lives. However, there are aspects of the career that will affect your everyday life. To be a nurse you have to be patient, caring and understanding. Being a nurse is about being part of your patient’s journey […]

Tips for the night shift

The night shift is the shift that many hospital keyworkers start on in their career. It can be a difficult adjustment to overcome, as your body isn’t naturally used to it. And is not only your body that will be affected, your daily routine and personal life need time to adjust as well. Although it […]