Are You Classed as a Key Worker?

A key worker is a working professional that provides an essential service to the community, particularly in the public sectors like the police, education or health industry. Key workers are also labelled because of their inability to find accommodation in the places they work, as they are often moved around or study in different places. As […]

Kettering: A Home from Home

Looking for accommodation when you’re a key worker in the UK can be a little dreary and time-consuming. When you have the perfect job, you want the perfect home with it too. That is why Optivo Keyworkers is here to help everything fall in place with our comfortable and affordable accommodation, so you can have an easier […]

Your New Life in Chertsey

You’ve passed all your exams, you’ve landed the perfect placement or job and you’re ready for the next step in your career. However, there’s one problem, your new path means you’ll have to move away from home and to the south east of England. When you first move away from your home town, the prospect […]

What to Expect from Life as a Nurse

Being a nurse is an extremely rewarding job. You are not only helping people, but you are changing lives. However, there are aspects of the career that will affect your everyday life. To be a nurse you have to be patient, caring and understanding. Being a nurse is about being part of your patient’s journey […]

The Best Ways to Travel to Work Through London

Travelling through London can be a stressful and hectic process, even to those that are drifting through the city without an agenda or time restriction. For those that have to get to work, taking a trip through London can be a time-consuming and chaotic journey, resulting in bad punctuality and a serious headache. Here are […]