The Day in a Life of a Police Officer

Being a police officer is one of the most rewarding jobs. Apart from the good salary, you can rest assured knowing you’re doing good in the world and will have great retirement benefits when your career ends.

However, it’s also a very demanding job and one that requires skill, patience, a moral sense of justice and a lot of training and time.


Police officers start at varied times; shifts could be early in the morning, late in the evening or all through the night. At the start of every shift, you are briefed, assigned your partner and made to carry out any admin work that needs to be done.


Every day you face a new danger and are tasked with duties that could well lead to the unknown. Being a police officer means you have responsibility and respect but are also at greater risk of dangers, such as disease, trauma or being seriously or fatally hurt. Protecting the public on a daily basis means you are subject to these potential consequences every time you are out in the field. It’s not an easy job but doing your part in retaining social order and working for the greater good can really help boost your mood and forget about the hard parts, at least for a little while.

Expect the Unexpected

Along with those dangers come things you thought you would never see or hear. One day in the life of a police officer, could change their life altogether. You should expect to see some hard-hitting things that will leave you inconsolable. It’s important to remain unbiased in situations to offer impartial advice, and also distance yourself emotionally from the circumstances. Always surround yourself with good people that you can talk to about how you’re feeling. Being a police officer can be a stressful and isolating job, so make sure you don’t distance yourself too far from your family and friends.

Everything Changes

A day in the life of a police officer will differ for every individual, but one thing for certain is that as soon as you take on the role of an officer, your life as you know it will change. If you were a student heading out on weekends, wine and dining your other half every other evening or partying hard into the night, you will have to accept that, that will now change. Your life will now have to work around work. You will have the odd weekend off and sometimes your shifts will allow you to have an evening free, but your girlfriend, boyfriend or friends will all have to accept that they’ll be waiting a long time for you to get home some nights and that spontaneous plans are now a thing of the past.
However, in the police force you have the potential to make some fantastic, life-long friends, who will understand the life of an officer and accept that their plans will have to be made around your working schedule.

Remember Why You Joined

Although you are helping the public, some individuals will perceive your presence as negative, even when you’re out of uniform and they know what you do. Be prepared for the backlash of being a police officer and always remember why you joined the police force in the first place. Although some may not appreciate your career, every day you are helping and saving lives, which many people cannot say they do.

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