Are You Classed as a Key Worker?

A key worker is a working professional that provides an essential service to the community, particularly in the public sectors like the police, education or health industry. Key workers are also labelled because of their inability to find accommodation in the places they work, as they are often moved around or study in different places.

As the government try to make the lives of key workers easier, it’s important to know what your job entails and what the role means for you.

The Key Worker Life

Most jobs in the NHS class you as a key worker. For instance, nurses and midwifes perform a vital service to people. However, although doctors and dentists do provide an essential service, they do not class as key workers because of their usually higher pay slip. Doctors and dentists tend to be able to earn enough to cover mortgages.

Similarly, in the police force, most police officers and community support workers count as key workers too. Prison offers and any member of the prison staff that is low-ranked also qualify for the status, based on the same principles at the NHS staff. Firefighters and those that work in the fire and safety department are also on the key worker list.

Social workers, psychologists and therapists that work for the NHS and other national authorities could also qualify too. Teachers in primary schools and sixth form colleges count as key workers, and so do the nursery nurses that work there too.

The Issues Key Workers Face

The places that require a lot of key workers are normally large, urban areas, where housing is already a problem for the city. The big cities are also where all the jobs are.
Key workers are vital to the city they work in and have the right to comfortably live there too. With rising housing prices, many can’t afford to buy their own house or even rent in major cities. The housing set aside for key workers is getting less and less and it’s especially bad in less metropolitan cities. Most key workers will have to pay extortionate amounts of rent on top of their living costs, some will have to travel far and wide to get to their workplace every morning and others will simply have to give up their career altogether.
Key workers are under a lot of stress from their jobs and potentially their finances. They may have moved far from home and away from their families. They may have studied hard and sacrificed a lot to be in the place that they are. They have early mornings and late nights and often are on their feet all day. They do so much to look after others, that they often forget to look after themselves. Having affordable accommodation is the best way to relieve the stress that the key worker day brings – it takes one worry from their mind.

Read more about Optivo’s key worker accommodation here, that could provide an affordable and comfortable new home for those who work in the public sector.