What to Expect from Life as a Nurse

Being a nurse is an extremely rewarding job. You are not only helping people, but you are changing lives. However, there are aspects of the career that will affect your everyday life.

To be a nurse you have to be patient, caring and understanding. Being a nurse is about being part of your patient’s journey and guiding them through this difficult stage of their life.

You Versus the Sun

Expect early mornings and rising before the sun does most days. Mornings are the most important part of a nurse’s day, and the busiest! Nurses must check in on all their patients, monitor levels and carry out any assistance that some individuals may need.

The moments before a nurse goes home from their working day is extremely important too. A nurse must make sure everything is documented correctly, so that those that come at 6pm are fully aware of the patients’ states and needs.

On the Night Shift

Nights are also extremely important shifts and nurses who work throughout the evening and into the early hours of the morning must be fully briefed on what has happened throughout the day. They must carry on the good work of their day colleagues and make sure everything goes smoothly throughout the night.

If you are looking for a job that’ll burn calories while you work, look no further! Being a nurse means you’ll spend a lot of time on your feet and you’ll be moving around often. It’s a seriously demanding job that’ll require you being on the top of your game every day.

Expect a Clean…and Messy Life

When you are in your uniform, you must keep it clean before you enter the hospital. You are only one toothpaste mark or coffee stain from having to put all your scrubs back into the wash again.
As a nurse, one of your roles will be messenger. You will have to deliver some good, but also some hard news to patients and their families. You must make sure the individuals you have told are fully aware of their situation – this requires some serious people and communication skills. You have to be informative and firm, but also sensitive and caring. Also, you have to be ready for all kinds of questions that could come your way and know how to answer them properly.

Sleep, Eat, Nurse, Repeat

Being a nurse is a cycle and as soon as you finish, you have to sleep, eat, restore and get ready for the next day.

Every day is a new day and with each hour brings new tasks and things to overlook. New patients may be issued to you under your care and old patients may have new problems. Being a nurse certainly isn’t a dull job – you’ll definitely see a whole variety of people, in different stages of their life. However, this is a fantastic aspect of the job as you’ll meet individuals from all different walks of life with interesting and odd stories to tell. As a nurse, you’ll laugh, cry and bond with people you may not have met if you’d chosen a different career.