Health news

There are many different websites to go to when getting your health news. All news outlets will cover various, important topics related to the healthcare industry. To keep up with the news there are multiple websites to visit and different ways to read it.


1. BBC News – There are various ways to get BBC news including, online, the app, and television. Visit the website here:


2. NHS Health News – This news source is all online and offers various studies on different health issues. It can be found at this link:


3. New York Times – The NY Times can be found online and on their app. For this news source an account may be needed after a certain point. Their website can be found here:


4. The Guardian – Found online and on their app, The Guardian offers health and wellbeing news on various topics for everyone. Read some articles here:


5. TED Talks – On the TED website and app, many videos are uploaded to give viewers a range of topics to choose from. To watch some videos check out the topics here: