Helpful tips for junior police officers

Starting a new job can be intimidating and especially when you’re entering a group as close-knit as a police force. You’re mastering new skills and tackling new responsibilities, which might leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed. Don’t let this get in the way on your road to success. The following tips can help you avoid rookie mistakes.

Have confidence

Try not to hesitate, as this shows you have no confidence in yourself, but it can also put you and your colleagues in danger. Be confident, but always trust your colleagues’ judgement as well. Make the best decisions you can as quickly as you can and stand behind your actions. Mistakes do happen and it makes you look stronger when you are not afraid to admit them. Even though you’ve always performed well in training, there’s always something to learn in real-world situations. This behaviour will quickly lead into earning the respect and trust of your supervisors and colleagues.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

You’ve learned so much already, however this represents only the tip of the iceberg. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, as this is the time to learn and the best teachers are your experienced colleagues. Sometimes the best way to get ahead at a new job is to just ‘listen and learn’. You are expected to have many questions so don’t try to impress by trying too hard and doing too much too fast. Patience is critical to pick up on advice, which can help you with making fast and better decisions in the field.

Try not to let your emotions get in your way

Sometimes you can get very emotional on the job, but you have to remember to keep a cool head and don’t rush into situations, as this can sometimes even make things worse! Don’t take any insults personally, it’s part of the job and every rookie gets a hard time, but remember to never let this interfere with your duties.

Tip from a police officer: “Try to remember not all civilians are criminals, even though they may look, dress, or even act the part.”

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